Boutique Recruiting Firm vs. Large Staffing Firm

Posted: January 4, 2020

boutique staffing firm


In today’s world, recruiting is more than just posting jobs, screening candidates, and pushing around applications. It’s employment branding, company culture, technology, and leadership consulting. To do it correctly, you need the perfect mix of people, strategy, tools, and resources.

Large recruitment agencies have huge databases of candidates, a broad range of clients and many years in the industry it’s understandable why many choose such agencies. However, the structure of many large agencies is predicated on the reliance of ambitious targets and KPIs where consultants work to fulfill commissions. These are designed to maximize efficiency, but as a result, the ‘human touch’ is often lost. Recruiters for larger firms often find company culture irrelevant when selecting and presenting candidates for an opening, but a boutique firm knows how this can negatively impact day-to-day operations. Thus, boutique firms are able to develop deeper relationships with both candidates and clients due to their smaller size & structure.

The wrong placement can have ripple effects across a business including compromised integrity and reputation of the business, not to mention lost expenses in training, and an unpleasant work environment for current employees.

During 2016, 58% of small businesses reported that they had “tried to hire” a qualified applicant for their open positions, using human resource recruitment, and other services. Unfortunately, nearly the same amount (52%) noted that they had struggled to find the right people with traditional recruiters.

At Green Lion, we thrive on getting to know our clients, understanding their business needs, and culture, for hiring fit that not only reflects key talents and skills, but also future growth. The term “boutique” tends to refer to a place where the customer service (personal attention) experience is quality over quantity. Placing finance and accounting professionals isn’t a numbers game. It’s about human connection.

We also tailor our recruitment services to the specific needs of each candidate. We’ve seen how the industry sometimes falls short when it comes to supporting candidates in their job search, so we go the extra mile to ensure we’re putting the right people in the right seats.