3 Keys to Recruiting Better Talent for Accounting & Finance Positions

Posted: August 12, 2020

recruiting accounting and finance

The demand for accounting and finance professionals is perpetual. Even in these uncertain economic times, accounting and finance-related staff are critical to the survival of companies throughout the country, no matter their size or industry.

From payroll and accounting to bookkeeping and auditing, these roles serve a multitude of important functions that keep businesses running smoothly. This is why hiring managers are always on the lookout for new talent to fill these types of positions.

However, finding new talent is easier said than done. If your company is looking to fill accounting and finance positions, here are 3 keys to attracting the right candidates:


1.  Look for Candidates in The Right Places

The pool of available accounting and finance-related talent is always low. This means your company will need to be aggressive in its pursuit of candidates. Partnering with an experienced staffing agency can help widen your candidate pool.


2. Consider Offering Additional Benefits

Finance and accounting roles typically require an individual to work long hours, which could lead them to burnout rather quickly. In fact, many accounting and finance professionals leave their current jobs for this reason; especially if the company is thin on benefits and perks.

If you want to efficiently attract and retain top-tier talent, you should be offering competitive salaries along with additional benefits such as:

  • Remote work options
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible work hours
  • Additional vacation days
  • In-office snacks and recreational activities

3. Partner With an Experienced Staffing Agency

When it comes to recruiting, a lot of companies choose to partner with larger firms, who have vast networks and databases of candidates. However, because these firms rely heavily on KPIs and quick hiring processes (in order to efficiently collect commissions) they can sometimes rush the candidate search.

Your company deserves a recruiting firm that understands the concept of quality over quantity as it pertains to job candidates. At Green Lion Search Group, our goal isn’t simply to fill a role. Instead, we take the time to fully understand your company’s needs and culture in order to find talent that fits.

Our boutique recruiting firm serves major cities and communities throughout the state of Texas.. If you’re in need of accounting and finance talent in Houston, Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, or San Antonio, partner with us today. Contact Green Lion Search Group to get started!