Why Should Business Owners Partner With a Boutique Staffing Agency?

Posted: August 12, 2020

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When a company is looking for talent to fill an open position, there are many time-consuming (and oftentimes expensive) tasks that need to take place in order to find the right candidate.

This is why many businesses choose to partner with a staffing or recruiting agency, as these experts can handle everything from sourcing and screening to interviewing and hiring potential candidates. With that being said, companies have two main options in terms of what type of agency they can partner with: a large agency or a smaller (boutique) agency.

While the large agencies are typically the most aggressive in terms of their marketing and approach to searching for candidates, they aren’t always the best option. Here’s why:


The Downsides of Partnering With a Large Recruiting Firm Over a Boutique Staffing Agency

They’re All About Volume

First and foremost, most large recruiting firms depend primarily on volume. This means they want to net as many clients as they can and fill their clients’ positions as quickly as possible in order to reap commissions.

On the other hand, boutique staffing agencies are smaller, and offer a slower, yet more careful approach to searching and finding talent. This ensures you’re only presented with candidates who are fully qualified to meet the responsibilities the role demands.


They Aren’t Specialists

Because larger firms work on volume, they won’t discriminate when it comes to what companies they work with or what type of talent they’re asked to recruit. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach to staffing rarely works.

If you want an agency that specializes in your particular industry/niche or in finding candidates for specific roles, then partnering with a boutique staffing firm is ideal.


They Put Your Needs Last

Boutique staffing agencies typically take a very personal approach to staffing. Unlike larger firms, they will thoroughly research your company and meet with you to discuss your specific needs.

Larger agencies tend to care more about quickly filling a position, and will oftentimes overlook certain red flags such as inexperience, a lack of preferred education/qualifications, or character flaws that could be detrimental to your company’s culture.

At the end of the day, hiring the wrong candidate can have catastrophic consequences. If your goal is to hire the perfect candidate (no matter what the role is) then you should look for a firm willing to put the proper amount of time and energy into the staffing process.


The Best Way to Recruit Talent in Texas

With today’s job market being so competitive, filling roles in specialized positions can be extremely challenging; especially for companies who try to find talent on their own or partner with the wrong recruiting agency.

At Green Lion Search Group, we specialize in finding talent to fill key positions — such as accounting & finance, investments & strategy, admin & operations, and executive-level roles  — throughout Texas.

Our direct hire contingent staffing service involves:

  • Thoroughly researching your company and listening to your unique job requirements
  • Identifying top-tier talent that would fit perfectly with your company
  • Phone screening and interviewing candidates

We’ll then present you with only the most qualified candidates, who meet all of your requirements and company culture. The best part is, you won’t pay anything until the candidate you choose has started their employment with you.


Get started by contacting Green Lion Search Group today!