Direct Hire Staffing Services

Direct Hire Services

Our direct hire contingent staffing service involves researching, identifying, phone screening, interviewing and presenting only the most talented candidates for each specific search. Only after the successful candidate has started in their position is any fee owed to our firm.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Development
  • FP&A
  • Accounting
  • Revenue recognition
  • SEC Reporting
  • Cost & Inventory Accounting
  • CFO, CAO, Controller
  • Payroll
  • Internal Audit
  • Tax
  • Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Bookkeeping

Advantages to working with
Green Lion Search Group

Personal Client-Focused Approach

  • Green Lion is committed to creating long standing relationships with  clients. You will always hear from the same Search Consultant that knows you and understands your business.
  • Honest conversations about market conditions (skillset, salary expectations, availability) as well as developing a strategic approach for every search to yield the best results.
  • We are committed to only sending candidates with desired qualifications and experience. With extensive industry experience, we understand your search and we will not waste time sending unqualified candidates.

Advanced Technology & Sourcing Methods

  • Green Lion is committed to remaining current on all resources, in an effort to continue to source and screen passive candidates in highly competitive markets.
  • With the most advanced data mining tools available, Green Lion uncovers candidates that are not on active job board sites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder or Monster.
  • Myriad of unique and outside the box sources are used to recruit the best candidates for every search.
  • Strong referral network to source hard to find relocation candidates across the country.

Responsiveness & Updates

  • In a very competitive market, it is very important to provide updates and return emails/phone calls in a timely manner. Green Lion is committed to taking no longer than two hours to get back to you on any concerns, questions, or updates.
  • Green Lion is available outside of normal work hours for specific requests.

Experience, Process & Other Benefits

  • Significant experience managing confidential searches, with the ability to offer private interview space for offsite client interviews.
  • Strong understanding of finance and accounting organizational structure as it compares to team size and annual revenue which helps us find the most qualified candidates.
  • We meet with every candidate we submit for your search to determine fit, both technically and behaviorally. The best placements should add value for all parties involved.
  • Will pre-screen candidates we meet for specific requirements and provide an honest assessment, as decided by the client.
  • Advice on interview process best practices for highest chance of success.

What Makes Us Different

Green Lion Search Group Competition
Work with an experienced search professional with a minimum of five years recruiting experience in the areas of finance, accounting and general administration. Turnover rates in many large staffing firms exceed 80% in year one of employment. Many recruiters who are new to the industry, and less experienced, will be working on your search.
Numerous data mining sources and innovative methods used to source candidates. A more exhaustive search is conducted than simply calling candidates on LinkedIn and searching job boards. Post positions and search job boards for active candidates.
Counsel throughout the search process on interviewing, setting appropriate expectations, and competitive analysis. Coordinate interviews but fail to completely clear candidates and set appropriate expectations.
Available during, before and after normal work hours to discuss any questions or concerns. Follow standard business hours.
Develops effective strategies to recruit & attract talent. Specific effort put together to create a true value proposition. Recruit based on basic job duties.
Focus on quality service for small to medium sized businesses. Effort is focused on big business.

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